The Veil,

 is an on-going project that will be consist of eight paintings depicting a veil in various folds. It researches the roots of the visual-subconscious of our contemporary conflict: a polarisation in cultural and political desire of "visibility" and "invisibility." 

Don't these impulses of showing and hiding annihilate themselves and each other in their extreme? Isn't this what we are experiencing in today's seemingly distinct polarised world of secular liberalisms and conservativisms?

This project is a speculative approach to our spiritual history.

A short story will accompany this painting series. It will be about a boy who was born in Salamis of the weakening Roman Empire to a pagan mother and a Jewish father on 2 November 286: The exact middle day of the birth dates of the prophets of Jesus and Mohammed.

The visual influences of this project are the Catholic myth of The Veil of Veronica, or Sudarium in Latin for sweat-cloth, also known as Mandilion in orthodox Christianity, and the Islamic Persian miniature depictions of Muhammad with his face veiled.

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