"Shakespeare School

There is no doubt that Mr. Bodamyalizade Necmi is a very important individual who has done and sacrificed a lot for Turkish youth to learn English in this country.
We can say that he, who has an excellent and profound grasp of the English Language, has taught the majority of the youth and made them learn English. 
For us to describe this person, the master of teaching, who has done all of that above and who has also bestowed upon us an important secondary school as the hero of our cultural and scientific life, would be an appreciation.
However, his humble or gentle life full of wisdom and dignity would not stop some contemptible persons from making up unfounded rumors about him.
Despite all of the negative propaganda, his efforts in running a secondary school all alone is already a matter of praise. However, what is deemed suitable for his school by our society is beyond terrible. 
Maybe it is true that Mr. Nejmi has a cold disposition to many people, and maybe this is the reason that he has no support and is trying hard to run this school with his own personal means, although one should recognize that it is not possible for someone, even for such a hero to do this all alone.
For the sake of our country's scientific and knowledge-making practices, it is an unforgivable crime and shame for our people to be careless about the struggles of such an idealistic person and such an important school.
Even a little support, any kind of help with the guidance of the education-lovers for our country's foremost Shakespeare School would allow its decades-long services to continue on stronger ground.
We kindly invite our people to support the Shakespeare School. We call for their aid for the benefit of our future in Cyprus and for the sake of scientific love. We believe this call will reach the hearts of the citizens who have a true love of wisdom."